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Spark Mantle - Reference. by Spark-Dragon
Spark Mantle - Reference.
Drrrrr.... *Crawls up from the grave with a pencil, flesh peeling off the rotten bones* I'm alive...!
I can never seem to quite survive my art blocks well enough to keep any watchers actually giving a damn here. XD oh well. c:

Redesigned Spark AGAIN, because the red hair and purple scales combo always irritated me for some reason (but I didn't want to change it.) so I tried to blend them a bit with red-ish markings!
I hope it worked.
Ooh! And I was feeling so motivated that I even wrote a Bio for her! I've no idea what I was on when I did this, but I think it was creativity-steroids! Me writing, pffff...

Feel free to critique her design and bio! (the bio is an extreme subject to change... like its on the cutting table right now.) 
I'll be grateful for any tips and opinions! ^^
Just don't crush my self-esteem plz... ;v;

Full Name: Spark Spitfire Mantle.

Sparky:: By friend.
Sparks:: Mispronunciation.

Birth date: 25th September 1998.

Age: 16 years old.

Birth place: Basius, Palm Islands.

Gender: Female.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Species: Tropical Mantle Dragon.

Type: Fire/Magma.

Mother:: Petra Mantle.
Father:: Vukan Mantle.
Twin Brother:: Aiden Mantle.
Grandmother:: Spitfire Core -From Mother’s side.-
Cousin:: Spectrum Noir.

Height: 6’2 ft.

Weight: 65 kg.

Very cheerful and optimistic.
Always striving for balance.
Tries to see the best in people.
Easily scared by minor things.
Mostly reasonable.
Somewhat lazy.
Unsocial unless in a group of close friends.
Somewhat introverted.

Drawing in most media/designing.
Flying with Aiden –occasionally performing flash mobs-.
Dressing up.

Social class: Upper-middle class.

Student. –Studies arts and design-.
Secret agent/spy in training since 6 years old –chosen from a batch at an early age by the Basian military-.

Speed and agility.
Extremely good hearing.
Good listener.
Very patient/compassionate.
Tries to see the best in everyone.
Works well with small groups.
Happy to follow other’s lead, if she trusts them.

Weak to strength attacks.
Easily scared/intimidated.
Too compassionate.
Lacks social confidence.
Introverted around strangers/large crowds.
Bad leader.
Doesn’t trust others easily.
Thinks critically, sometimes where not wanted.
Gets overly anxious.
Tends to be lazy.
Tends to be squeamish when it comes to dead/dying things.

Weapon(s): Two 2.13 meter whips with 15 cm metal spike at the ends –made of leather-.

Biting her lip when concentrating –tearing the skin off-.
Constantly scratching any imperfections on her scales –Causing scarring-.

Alignment: Good. –Works with the law-.

Defensive abilities:  
Fire shield:: Creates a shield of fire in front of her, resistant to most elements, except water.
Scatter:: Releases blinding flames in all directions to disorient the enemy while she escapes.
Absorb:: Absorbs the flames around her to gain power –Speeds up recovery-.
Dome:: Creates a dome out of lava and lets it harden into rock.

Offensive abilities:   
Blast:: Blasts fire at a radius of 6 meters max –takes a lot of energy-.
Blue Ray:: Releases a beam of blue fire at a high speed.
Tornado:: (Air attack.) Spins vertically while falling like a drill, feet first. –Used with or without fire-. –Causes minor dizziness, therefore longer recovery-.
Blade:: (Air attack.) Spins horizontally, using wings as blades. –Used with or without fire-. –Causes minor dizziness, therefore longer recovery-.
Blade2:: Uses fire as blades while spinning rapidly at the target.- Causes major dizziness, therefore longer recovery-.
Magma:: Spins fire into the ground, causing rocks and soil to melt into lava she can control.

Tea –Addiction-.
Yaoi –Addiction-.
Discovering new things.
Light, pastel colours.
Peace and quiet.
Heights/minor thrills.
Guys with piercings/ tattoos.

Making big decisions.
Being alone on a mission.
Having to lead people.
Overly sensitive people.
Horrors/creepy stories.
Loud, repetitive noises.
Being woken up/having to wake up early.
Having to kill.

The dark –Minor phobia-.
Extreme thrills.
Horrors/creepy stories.
Things she can hear but can’t see.
Death of a loved one.
Being alone in difficult situations.
Being mocked/bullied.
Body modification on herself.

Aiden:: Spark gets along with him very well and looks up to him a lot. She’s closest to Aiden out of her whole family, knowing she can tell him anything. –On the same team.-
Camilla:: A good friend of hers, she looks up to Camilla as well, knows she can come to her for help. But also enjoys joking around with her, although Camilla’s short temper towards others tends to annoy her. –On the same team.-
Luna:: Another close friend, Spark treats her like a little sister, but also comes to her for help with studies. They both share a love for fashion and often enjoy it together. –On the same team.-

0-5:: Spark was born an hour after Aiden, soon after the birth her grandmother, Spitfire, insisted her parents would enter both Spark and Aiden in for training in the Basian military, which she worked for in her younger years. Though Vukan was hesitant towards the idea, his wife, Petra decided to follow her mother’s wishes, having seen some things and hearing Spitfire’s stories about the job.
Both of them were chosen out of a small group of children volunteered by their parents, and were moved into a new home, better than their previous one, on the military housing grounds. There they grew up, went to school and explored.
As she grew, Spark developed a love for drawing, scribbling on anything she could scribble on; she was very creative and energetic, playing with her brother in the back yard as often as she could.
At 4, while racing with Aiden, she slipped on the tiles leading to the back garden and fell into the glass door leading to the house, from there on she became a lot more cautious, having to have her hand stitched up.

6-10:: Spark was loud, loved to be the centre of attention and tended to goof around without thinking much of it.
At 6 she was taken to the military base for the first time, meeting many other kids there, she was quick to socialize and didn’t pay much attention to the lessons. But at 7 her self-esteem slowly started crumbling, right after a group of kids she used to hang out with started running away from her and calling her weird, she didn’t think much of it for a while, and started channelling her energy into drawing and painting instead, though slowly she became less social as she grew older, more self-conscious of what she was doing.
At 9 she barely hanged around the other kids, often only playing with Aiden and Camilla, a girl that was also not very confident, though much more unpredictable. She focused more on lessons and slowly improved at what she was taught.

11-16(currently):: Slowly moving up in classes, Spark became more experienced, learning well. At 11 she was put in a group consisting of her, Aiden, Camilla and a new girl, Luna, who she surprisingly quickly befriended, they found out they had a lot in common, never running out of topics to talk about.
By 12 she was gaining her confidence back, becoming happier and energetic again, her skills in fighting were improving gradually, and she learned to work in her team over the years.
At 14 the group was given their first weapons, Spark’s being a sword, though she wasn't happy with it, and found it difficult to use. Not long had passed before she traded it for two whips she found a lot easier to fight with.
From there the team was put under a lot of pressure to do even better, taught to fight in stimulators that reflected the rush of a real battle, sent out on fake spy missions to work on their tactics and thrown into minor missions to help out and gain experience. In these sessions and tests she gained a lot of injuries, and while most healed, a few stayed such as the chip on her left horn.
Despite this, Spark enjoyed it all, not regretting her parent’s decision to put her here, and was happy to experience the ups and downs of life with her team.

If you actually managed to read all of that then you deserve a clap... OVO :iconslowclapplz:

Tabby_Reference by Spark-Dragon
So I decided to redesign my character Tabby, when I saw the strawberry tiger/golden tabby tiger and it made me think of him! :D
So the new Tabby is a tiger/demon, still with oober space blackhole powers!!

The ginger one is his regular colour, while on the ground he looks like that, but when he uses his powers, and goes through one of his spaceholes he turns into the blue. (Only reason for this was because I couldn't decide between the two... -_-)
Which is your favourite? ;D
Loyal Trator by Spark-Dragon
Loyal Trator
MOAR Gefundi! :D
Because my dragon fetish told me to. |3

But really now, I ADORE these designs so much! They're complex yet not over-the-top, and go together so well! Especially the dragons! *w*
And apparently these two are kin, but I dunno if brothers or father and son or anything like that! XD

But both belong to :iconnitrogoblin:
Old Friends by Spark-Dragon
Old Friends
A gift for :iconnitrogoblin:.
They're both from her story, Outlands of Gefunden:… Clawdia and PJ! :D

I really like their whole rivalry and it inspired me to sketch this out quickly! Hope you like it! ;*

Both characters belong to :iconnitrogoblin:


Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
some site with a dragon (Dragon Cave c: )

go ahead and have a look at my gallery!
maybe theres something you like in there...
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